Pre Construction Services

Budget Creation/ Value Engineering

 Construction pricing is based on many factors including industry workload, commodity pricing, political landscape, refined project schedules and seasonal conditions. Westcott Build has the resources and industry connections to provide realistic and accurate budgeting based on current market conditions. During budgeting Westcott Build will reach out to suppliers and installation subcontractors for expert opinions on possible cost savings, our partners are experts in their respective fields and their insight often significant Value Engineering strategies.  

Constructability/ Material Selection Review

 Drawing reviews by experienced construction professionals ensure all designs and drawing details are feasible and practical. Over-designed buildings cost unnecessary financial and labour strain on construction projects.  Material selection can make or break construction timelines. Consulting with suppliers and professional installers will ensure the proposed material not only look great but will meet the demands of your project delivery timelines and building life-cycle requirements. 

Prime Contract/ Delivery Model Consulting


 Having experience working in most popular forms of CCDC contracts Westcott Build will work with our clients to determine the best solution based on risk tolerance, lending requirements, delivery timelines and project complexity.  

Documentation/ Communication Standards


Construction is a complicated process, proper documentation, communication and record keeping is paramount to a smooth delivery. Budget tracking standards, financial updates for lenders, monthly progress reports and cash flow forecasts are just a few of the possible document needs required through the life cycle of the project. Westcott Build will work with our clients and their respective stakeholders to ensure a thorough documentation program is in place from the onset of your project. 

Subtrade Qualification/ Selection

 The success of Westcott Build rests heavily on the subtrade partners we employ to execute various scopes of work. Not all subtrades are appropriate for every project and balancing the project needs with the capabilities of the Subtrade is paramount. Ensuring a subtrade is the right “Fit” for your project ensures a successful delivery while also respecting project budgets. Westcott Build operates on a basis of Value, whereby the lowest price is not always going to yield the desired results, a balance needs to be established.  

Schedule Creation and Review

Every project requires a realistic and properly detailed schedule, immediately upon award a draft construction schedule will be created to be utilized for tender purposes. This draft schedule will be used to ensure trades are aware of the required timelines and time-frames. Advances notice for schedules ensures subtrades have the necessary capacity to execute without interruption to onsite progress. Scheduling is a fluid activity that must continue throughout construction. The schedule will continue to be refined as subtrades are onboarded and consulted to ensure accuracy.