Construction Services



Prior to mobilizing on any job site Westcott Build will complete a site-specific safety plan outlining all potential hazards and means of mitigation foreseen throughout the project. Worker and Visitor orientations ensure all individuals entering the project site are made aware of potential, relevant hazards prior to being exposed. The safety of our workers is paramount. Westcott Build Inc. will also work as necessary, and when applicable with building operators and Joint Health and Safety committees to ensure any client stakeholders or members of the public are appropriately aware of the hazards. 

Quality Control


QC programs are tailored to project and client needs; Project specific plans ensure workmanship is in conformance with industry standards and that contract specifications are adhered too. Client specific quality needs and concerns are addressed ahead of time. Westcott Build  will also manage any third-party consultant inspection programs and associated documentation. 

Subcontractor / Supplier Management


Subtrade performance is paramount to the success of any project. Understanding the “Tell Tale” signs of a subtrades change in capacity, inability to deliver or financial strain is key to keeping the construction phase of the project on track. Weekly (Minimum) Subtrade meetings ensure lines of communication are open and effective. Constant follow up and communication prior to a subtrades arrival can also reduce delay. At Westcott Build we treat our trade partners in a fair and respectful manner. Respecting their time and understanding their other commitments creates a mutually beneficial and productive relationship. 

Schedule Management


Scheduling and planning are the single most important components of a construction project. An effective schedule must reach all aspects of a project from planning (Subtrade procurement/ shop drawings) to supply chain (Material and labour commitment) through execution (on site construction, commissioning, systems verification and municipal approvals). Understanding, planning for and managing the project supply chain is imperative. Scheduling needs to be done on an ongoing basis, it is to be considered a live document, ever adapting and changing to suit site conditions, weather and many other factors that can alter a plan. Interactive planning sessions with both owners and subtrades are required to effectively plan a project and ensure all stakeholders are aware of progress. 

Document Control/ Record Management

-  Cash Flow Forecasting-Detailed cash flow forecasts based on the invoice structure provide owners and lenders with accurate means to plan the projects cost cycle. 

- Submittals tracking/ submission- Submission requirements are established on a project specific basis to ensure the appropriate level of review is conducted within the appropriate timeframe. Managing deliverables form both trades and consultants is paramount to ensure our supply chain does not hinder on site progress.

 - Request for Information tracking- All Contractor and trade-initiated information requests will be tracked for completion; prioritized lists will be provided to consultants to ensure their efforts are best aligned with the current needs of the project.

 - Change order tracking and management- An organized, clear and concise means to manage contract changes is required to keep any project moving. Ensuring timely subtrade response to price requests allows and potential changes to be assessed without the stress of timeline restrictions.